A Very Special Charity

Dr. Ed White presents a check for more than $13,000.00 to Kim McDevitt of the Power Packs Project. The funds were raised through White Family Dental's 2017 Smiles for Life Campaign.

Did you have your teeth whitened during our Smiles for Life Campaign?

If so, thank you!

Our Smiles for Life campaign is an annual activity that we conduct for the benefit of local families with children, and for children worldwide. We’ve participated in the campaign since the late 1990’s and thanks to you, we’ve contributed more than $500,000.00 over the years!

This charity is special in a number of ways.

First, every single penny spent by our teeth-whitening patients goes directly to the charities.

Half of the funds stay right here in Central Pennsylvania. It’s more than just giving money for food to families; though that is certainly an honorable effort. By funding the Lancaster-based Power Packs Project, we’re able to help educate young mothers and fathers on how to budget, purchase and prepare nutritional meals for their children. The result is closer families and healthier children who perform better in school.

The other half of the campaign funds support the North American Smiles for Life Campaign, which funds efforts to help children around the world. Smiles for Life is a charitable venture by The Crown Council.

The Crown Council is an association of dentists who work together to improve dental science and practices while fighting oral cancer.

So, as we learn how to make dental science better, we’re also improving the lives of those less fortunate than we are, here in Lancaster County and around the world.

And it’s all because you allowed us to brighten your smile!

So how much did we generate this year?

More than $26,000.00!

Over $13,000.00 stayed right here in Lancaster County!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you!

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From the bottom of our hearts

Thank you Lancaster County for voting White Family Dental a favorite dental practice in the readers choice survey of Lancaster Online and Lancaster Newspapers in 2017

Accolades are nice, though we’re not the proud type. We don’t broadcast our achievements for the sake of personal promotion or to proclaim how great we are. When we receive recognition, it’s because we’ve made someone happy. We’ve accomplished a task in our mission of enhancing the quality of our patients’ lives. It’s something that we take great joy in doing every day.

There’s a saying among hunters that goes like this: “It’s not the kill, it’s the thrill of the chase.” Sure, hunters love to put meat on the table, but that’s not the true reward.

The chase is what challenges you to achieve. It’s a test of your skills and ability to learn, adapt and excel in a continuous pursuit of improvement. When you bring home sustenance for your family, it’s icing on the cake; to be able to thrive on something you love to do.

And so it is for us. We’ll joyfully proclaim our accolades; though be assured, it isn’t for the sake of pride or profit. It’s because those accolades give us the opportunity to care for more people.

We’ve seen countless times, the expression of joy on the face of a patient who feels relief from the misery of a toothache, or someone who’s just realized that after years of tolerating a problem, they’ll finally be able to eat their favorite foods again.

And smile without embarrassment.

Do we like to get the public awards? Sure. But the most important awards are the smiles and the thanks that we see every day in the privacy of our practice.

The public accolades merely give us the opportunity to do more, for more.

And so, as always; thank you for allowing us to do what we love every day for more people.

We’ll continue to ask for your support and to spread the word about our care. Our doors are always open for your recommendations to improve.

Thank you so much for being a part of our care and for telling others about us.

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A Pinch for Three

Panicked and reeling in pain, the teenage girl is extracted from the car and whisked away to the helicopter.

Calmly poking away at his iPad, the brave little boy has learned to set aside fear and pain while the nurses prepare for his next cancer treatment.

Nervously clutching her purse, the middle-aged woman shuffles in shock toward the waiting room; her face of reassurance melted into tears the moment she turned away from her husband as they wheeled him into the operating room.

Tragedy strikes every day. But miracles happen just as often. Thanks to people like you.

Our country is blessed with a community who will gladly take an hour of their day twice a year to make themselves feel good. By giving the gift of blood.

It’s not hard, and it doesn’t hurt. It takes a total of about 45 minutes, and for each pint of blood; three lives will be saved.

Here’s a few more facts about blood donation:

  • There’s four steps: medical history, quick physical, donation, and snacks.
  • The actual blood donation usually takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Giving blood will not decrease your strength.
  • You cannot get AIDS or any other infectious disease by donating blood.
  • Fourteen tests including 11 for infectious diseases, are conducted on each unit of blood.
  • 5 million Americans would die each year without life-saving blood transfusions.
  • Every three seconds someone needs blood.

Here’s one other fact:


In fact, it feels pretty good.

Are you healthy?

Can you handle a little pinch and a free snack?

Can you find just an hour this Friday between 3 & 7?

We’ve all known someone who’s suffered an injury or illness. This Friday, you have a chance to help three complete strangers live through a devastating experience.

They’ll never know your name. But every day, they’ll wake up grateful to be alive.

And all it takes is a little pinch.

The Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank will be at our Elizabethtown office this Friday from 3 to 7.

Please stop by. Here is where we’re located.

Thank you

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How to Make Healthy Summertime Smiles

Summer is a great time for families with kids. Lazy days by the pool. Smores by the fire. Fun adventures that lead to long days.

And pictures. Lots and lots of pictures with smiling kids.

It’s so nice to have the extra time with them while their young. It’s a good time to recharge; school will be here before we know it. And of course; they won’t be young forever.

While a lot of routines are set aside for the summer, there are some that can be emphasized to keep your kids healthy and avoid tooth decay.

Without the rush of the school year, summer is a great time to teach and instill good habits they can carry throughout their lives. So, how can we help our kids? Here’s a few ideas.

Make Dental Care a Family Function

Just like family dinners every night instill strong values, you can teach the kids valuable lessons in taking care of themselves by making brushing and flossing a family activity.

Make it fun! Let them inspect up close how you brush and floss. Show them how to inspect their teeth and gums. Kids under ten years old may not have the manual dexterity to floss properly. With the relaxed summertime schedule, this is a great time to coach them to be skilled and attentive at making sure they reach all the nooks and crannies in their mouth.

Introducing the family to a water-flosser during the warmer months is a lot better than trying to do it in the middle of winter.

When oral hygiene is seen as less of a chore and more of a routine by the whole family; kids are more likely to do it well for life.

Don’t Skip the Routine

Sure, we all have those Saturday nights when friends are over, the kids have Smores and juice boxes—and suddenly, it’s way past bedtime. Even if it’s late, take the extra few minutes to see that they brush and floss. If you’ve been practicing with them, they’ll be getting better at it.

Don’t Ban-Limit the Sweets & Snacks

Juice, lemonade, popsicles and sweets are everywhere in the summertime. Even real juice and fruits have acids that harm tooth enamel. That’s okay. Enjoying them is part of what makes summertime so much fun.

But use the teachable moments. If the kids have been good; let them have the treats, followed by a glass of water. Remind them that it’s good to wash away the stuff that can damage their teeth.

Better yet, have them drink a lot of water throughout the day. Doing so will cut down on how much of the other stuff they consume. Healthy water consumption habits will contribute to better overall health.

Milk, Fluoride, and…Saliva?

Strange combination, huh? What do they have in common? They’re all good for our teeth.

Milk helps all your bones—including teeth and jawbones. The calcium helps to prevent gum disease, too.

Fluoride is added to many public water supplies; check to see if it’s in yours. If not, or if you’re on well water or use a lot of bottled water, make sure you’re getting the right amount of fluoride. Talk to us about your situation, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Saliva is a compound that protects your teeth and fights bacteria. Give it time to do its job. It’s great to drink a lot of water, but make sure there’s plenty of periods throughout the day where there’s no snacking or drinking that will flush away the saliva.

Make an Appointment!

Schools require dental checkups—don’t wait till the last minute. Call us today and make an appointment for the whole family before the August rush to get ready for school.

Summer is a wonderful time for families and kids. It gives us more time to spend together. Use it wisely. Your kids will carry the memories-and the good habits-throughout their lives.

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Good News is Yours for the Making

If you watch the news lately, there’s plenty of trouble to see. Events around the world and here in America can lead one to wonder what kind of world our children will inherit. Yet we all have the power to make a change for the better. And it doesn’t take a great sacrifice.

Here in Lancaster County, we have a tradition of family values, community service and support for those in need. Our local culture is a reason many of us chose Central Pennsylvania as the place to raise our families. As a result, the region continues to flourish in a turbulent world.

Many of us find ways to volunteer and help our community. Some of us have more time to contribute than others. Some of us are juggling so many priorities that it’s hard to find a way to give back.

When we do, it feels good to contribute, and we know that our efforts are but a drop in the ocean. A valuable contribution among many that certainly have an impact in some way.

But every once-in-a-while, life throws us a curve ball. We stumble upon something that lets us make a difference that is more concrete. We’re given an opportunity that will pay dividends to society for decades to come. We have a chance to make news in a good way.

That time is now, but the window on the opportunity is closing.

Here at White Family Dental, we’ve been running our Smiles for Life Campaign, where you can have a professional teeth-whitening procedure done and all the proceeds benefit the Power Packs Project.

There are countless charities that do a lot of good and are very worthy of your time and money. The Smiles for Life Campaign is unique in two ways.

First-you get full value from your investment in the form of a teeth whitening procedure that you’ll appreciate every day. And all the money from it goes to the charity. That’s something to make you smile a little brighter.

Second-the charity is more than a give-away. You see, the Power Packs Project is at its core, an educational endeavor that strengthens the bond and the health of young families who truly need the assistance.

The parents are taught accountability and the skills to make them better parents. They learn how to prepare nutritious food, how to budget and how to shop smart. They’re given the tools to nourish the life of their family.

The result is well-fed young boys and girls who grow up to continue the tradition of family values that makes this such a good place for us to live.

And it’s all within your power to fuel the good news that will continue to come from Lancaster County.

Hurry—the Smiles for Life Campaign ends this month. Call today. Make news for years to come.

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18,000 Smiles and Going Strong

We’re lucky in Lancaster County to live in a culture of hard work and doing right by others. We enjoy friendly neighbors and helpful people in all aspects of our lives. Whether it’s walking into a store, or along a trail while enjoying the beautiful weather; people smile and say hello.

We can enjoy delicious food in a quaint setting, served with a smile. Local service providers are honest and straightforward while providing value for the services and products sold.

We’ve got a strong core of medical and dental services in the area where your overall health is the goal.

Time and time again at White Family Dental, we’re told that we embody the core values of Lancaster County by greeting and treating our patients like family. We’re so grateful to hear such unsolicited comments from happy patients, because we work hard to do what’s right for them every day. And there’s a lot of them. Over the years, we’ve helped to maintain and improve over 18,000 smiles from five different offices in Lancaster County.

Whether it’s a teeth-whitening application that contributes to a noble local charity, or relieving a toothache with a root canal procedure, or a complete mouth rehabilitation utilizing cosmetic dentistry principles; our goal is always the same. We want you to leave with a genuine smile, satisfied that you’ve chosen us to care for an important part of your overall health.

Every day, there’s more smiles that are whiter and healthier because they’ve trusted our care. We’re grateful and we hope that you continue to trust us with the smiles in your family. And while you do so, will you tell others?

One way is to help us and other local small businesses by completing the survey that Lancaster Newspapers is conducting. It’s a quick survey, and it’ll help us continue to help our community. Just click or scan below to reach the survey.

Thank you


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If You’re Happy and You Know It…

Show your smile!

Wait,,,that’s not how the song goes!

But I know you finished the first line, didn’t you?

Sure you did; the song was imprinted in our minds as children because it speaks to a natural practice for a good life. When things are good, we should make the effort to keep it that way and to spread that goodness to others. It’s important to do throughout our life because happiness is contagious, and it’s a contributor to good health. It’s also a key ingredient to success.Libby and Nancy at White Family Dental in Elizabethtown

That’s why you see our ads and our social media posts. Sure, we’re a business and businesses need to advertise to survive. But it’s so much more than that.

You see, our slogan is true. We are people you know-people who live close by and who make the effort to know you personally as our relationships grow.

We are people who care-we really love the work we do because we have fun while providing a valuable personal benefit to you—our patients and hopefully, our friends.

Our work truly makes us happy.

Becki, Angie, Rose, and Georgiann have a combined 96 years of caring for patients at White Family Dental. The team of White Family Dental in Willow Street







In the dental profession of Central Pennsylvania, there are three segments of providers.

The first is the corporate dentist; the nationwide chains who’ve moved in over the last few years. They do a fine job. They’re connected to all the insurance companies, and their facilities & equipment is the best that money can buy. You may even see the same dentist or hygienist from one visit to the next.

Dr. Megan Beam of White Family Dental in ElizabethtownDr. Leslie O'Dowd of White Family Dental in Elizabethtown

The second is the local private dentist. The guy or gal-and maybe their son or daughter- you grew up with who knows you and your siblings. When you take your Mom in to see him, they may reminisce about when you were a kid. They, too do a good job with the resources they have available. Because they know you.

The third is a rare find in Central Pennsylvania. It’s the local private dentist who’s grown his practice to five locations because, for thirty years; he’s cared enough to show it every single day.


Dr' Ed White has built a team of local dentists and hygienists who truly care.

“The third is a rare find in Central Pennsylvania”

Just like other local private dentists, he’s now treating kids and grandkids of kids he treated when he first began in Elizabethtown. He’s got employees that have been with him from the very start. He’s even got an employee who as a patient, expressed a desire to become a dental hygienist, and he hired her on the spot so she could achieve her dream.

But he’s also worked hard to stay on top of the latest procedures and scientific breakthroughs. Some of his closest friends  are among the most prominent dentists in the country, who care for clients like celebrities and country music stars; people whose image is critical to their success.

With a shared mission, he’s invested in the people, the education, the facilities and the equipment needed for you to receive the very best care. And he’s shown it to others so they can do well by his side. The result is a truly local team of dentists who know you and your family, and has the resources to provide the latest in comfort, care, convenience and quality across five locations in Lancaster County.

Terri and Sue of White Family Dental in New HollandRachel of White Family Dental in Manheim


At White Family Dental, we actually practice happiness-we make a point as staff members to treat each other with care and kindness. It’s a critical part of making your experience one that feels like home.



And so is our marketing effort. We’re happy and we know it so we clap our hands–digitally speaking. That way we can add to the 18,000 smiles we’ve helped over the years.

“Will You Clap Your Hands for Us?”

We’d like you to clap your hands–digitally speaking—for us, too. By spreading the word, we can help more patients overcome anxiety, eliminate pain, sleep better, improve their smile, and have a healthier, happier life. We will always give back to the community and invite you to be a part of it.

How can you help us? That’s easy—and you’ll be helping other small business folks along the way. It doesn’t take long at all.

Dr. Caleb Beam of White Family Dental in ElizabethtownDR. Christin Buehler of White Family Dental in ElizabethtownDR. Karen Otto-Sullivan of White Family Dental in Elizabethtown


There are two surveys occurring between now and June 2, for local favorites in many categories. We’d love for you to vote for us as best dentist in Lancaster County. So, we ask that if you’re happy, let them know it.

Just like in the song; if you’re happy with us, your face will surely show it. Why not spread the joy?

We sure would appreciate your votes.

Below is the link to the first one..For this first one; Lancaster County Magazine, keep in mind that you must vote for at least 50 entries. That’s how you can help other small businesses like your favorite restaurants. If you need some references, you’ll be able to find last year’s winners.

Please vote for us in 2 categories-White Family Dental for Best Dental Practice, as well as your fave among our group. With your help, we’ll keep growing. And giving back.

Thank you.


So—did we get you with the song? Is it tumbling around in your mind? Let us know, but first—please vote!

Best of Lancaster County Magazine 2017

Click or scan here:

Best of Lancaster County 2017 28th Annual Readers’ Survey

Lancaster Newspaper Readers Choice Awards

The second survey if Lancaster Newspaper’s Readers Choice Awards 2017. Voting begins June 1.

You can find it by clicking HERE.

You can also click or scan this:

Vote for White Family Dental in Lancaster Newspapers Readers Choice Awards Survey 2017





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Smiles Across the County

 Power Packs Project teaches parents how to budget and properly prepare meals so their children learn grow and thrive.

A Teen with Everything to Smile About

It’s a bit cool on this Sunday morning in May. The sky is gray and the weather forecast is gloomy. But the mood is bright in two Lancaster County homes.

Courtney checks herself in the mirror before heading off to church with her family. Prom is over, and it was so much fun. Graduation is right around the corner! She smiles to her reflection, adoring her bright white teeth. They’re  perfect!

Mom pokes her head into Courtney’s bedroom.

“Ready, kiddo?”


“Love your new smile, Sweetie!”

“Me too!”

“Ok. Let’s go.”

Wendy’s so proud of Courtney. She’ll be graduating soon, and thankfully staying close; going to Elizabethtown College in the fall. It’s gonna be a busy summer with graduation and the celebrations that go with it. Teenage girls are expensive at this age, with prom dresses and shoes and senior week. But it’s well worth it. She’s ready for the next stage of her life now.

All of the dental stuff is done now for Courtney. A year of Invisalign capped off with teeth whitening that had a little bonus. Along the way, Courtney even found a rewarding volunteer activity that’s good for her soul.

Smiles and a Hug

A few miles away in Lancaster, a young family rushes into the house from early Mass.

“French Toast, Mom!!!”

“Okay, okay! Go get changed and clean your bedroom. Both of you.” Maria can’t help but smile. Life is so much better this Springtime. It feels like her family is getting closer. Like she’s a better mom and wife. Married life isn’t so filled with worry. Her and William seem to have grown closer as they spend time planning their life instead of being swept up by it. It’s made the kids happier too, and they’re doing better in school.

As William opens the fridge to help with breakfast, she stops him and takes a long hug.

Smiles for Life

There’s a connection between the two families, even though they don’t know each other. Life is a little brighter for Courtney and Wendy, and that benefited Maria and her family.

Why is this story on the website of White Family Dental?

Because Wendy took Courtney to get her teeth whitened during the Smiles for Life campaign at White Family Dental. They were both greeted by name and had a laugh with Nancy at the front desk. Wendy decided at the last minute to have her teeth whitened, too. Every penny of the small investment in Courtney’s pride and Wendy’s smile went directly to the Power Packs Project and those funds were invested in Maria and her family.

It was more than a donation of food for kids in need. It was an investment in education for Maria and William. Not only do they receive wholesome ingredients to feed their family over the weekend; they’re taught how to start and keep a budget for the family, how to properly prepare and store wholesome meals. How to work together as a family for a better life.

That’s the mission of the Power Packs Project. That’s the goal of the Smiles for Life Campaign at White Family Dental. That’s a glimpse of what can happen for your family and another simply by scheduling a Teeth Whitening procedure between now and the end of June at any one of the locations of White Family Dental. All proceeds from the procedure go to help hungry children in need of wholesome meals.

Teeth Whitening is a small investment in your family that benefits another. Improve your smile, and you’ll generate many more. Even some that you may never see.

Call today for an appointment.

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry The Fitness Program for your mouth

What exactly is Cosmetic Dentistry? At first glance, many people relate it to cosmetic surgery that’s used strictly for the sake of improving one’s appearance. While it’s certainly true that cosmetic procedures improve appearance; there’s a great deal of benefit that goes beyond the beauty on the surface.

Let’s take a different look when we compare it to our body.

General, or family dentistry may be compared to seeing your physician for a regular check-up or when a problem arises. A general dental approach is to fix what’s broken and to maintain general health. The focus is on acceptable health and well-being. We’re happy to provide that to our patients every day, and cosmetic procedures are used in general dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry goes further to take your oral health to a higher level of fitness that provides the added benefit of improved appearance. Form follows function.

Like the exceptional doctor who is more highly focused on helping you to lose weight, sleep better and feel better as part of an improved health score; the cosmetic dentist will help you achieve a better smile in a mouth that provides you more comfort while you eat and more confidence in all aspects of your life.

When you eat and sleep well and exercise your body regularly, you feel better and look better. You carry yourself with strength and confidence, and it shows to the people you meet. In addition to a greater internal feeling, the impact has a positive effect on your daily life.

A similar effect is achieved through cosmetic dentistry. When teeth are straightened and metal fillings are replaced with porcelain onlays, your teeth will chew and release food better. When weak teeth are replaced with a crown or a bridge, you’ll be more eager to have dinner with friends and clients. When your teeth feel smoother and appear brighter, you’ll gain more confidence in your smile and your overall appearance.

When your mouth achieves a higher level of fitness, your life will be happier and healthier. That will make anybody want to smile more.

Not all general dentists are skilled at cosmetic dentistry because the science evolves swiftly. At White Family Dental, we continue our education in the most advanced procedures so we can provide you with truly leading edge cosmetic dentistry, right here in Lancaster County.

Call us today. We’ll help you gain the smile you’ve always dreamed about.

You can learn more about our unique approach to cosmetic dentistry HERE

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Whiten Your Smile & Help a Child

The staff at White Family Dental is committed to helping our community. Since 1998, we’ve raised about $400,00.00 to help children’s charities through the Smiles for Life Campaign. We do so locally as a part of the Power Packs Project. It’s a wonderful program that builds life skills while filling hungry bellies. With your help, we can continue to feed children and educate parents.

Three girls who benefit from the Powerpacks project.

Many children in Lancaster County are well fed during the school week, thanks to school breakfast and lunch programs. But they go hungry on weekends. Teachers see that these children don’t perform as well at school because of it. But there’s more to the program than a meal.

Power Packs is Not a Handout. It’s an Educational Program

The Power Packs Project fills this need in a way that does more than simply giving food. It’s a wonderful program that provides nutritiously valuable food along with recipes and instructions on how to prepare it. The program teaches parents how to budget for meals, too. This way, parents learn important skills that many of us take for granted while creating bonding time that’s so critical to family and character development. The adults improve their parenting skills while the kids learn by example. All of us benefit when the community has healthy families.

Save on Teeth Whitening and Help a Child

You can do your part to help while saving money when you improve your smile. From March through June, 2017 come to any one of our locations for a discount on a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure. You’ll save $125.00 and the proceeds from each procedure benefits the Power Packs Project.

Many children in Lancaster County spend their weekends wishing for a good meal. Many parents haven’t developed the skills needed to provide wholesome meals for their family.

Come and see us for a teeth whitening. You won’t be the only one who smiles more.


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Dyanne Wagner
Dyanne Wagner

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Nice, people, Dr White very nice dr. I received
A call, saying after he n another dr discussed,
I was not a GOOD fit! To get a tooth pulled?
No explanation, except, my health history.
I was not encouraged, to say the least.
People, it is your decision, whether or not to
Pull ur tooth. Sometimes it does come down to money, $3,000 may glibly fly from some folk's repertoire, but for us not able to get able dental insurance, with our health plans,
Its a tossup. D.W.

Smiles n happy, peppy people, yes by all means , DO contribute to a positive dental
experience! I couldn't agree more. :)
Honestly, folks, I so wish those lovely qualities
could translate into cash. But reality, being
What it is, prevented my first plan , to save my tooth, then crown it. I just could not bear to
see my retired husband have to work so hard,
to pay for it. With a broken knee, I also have Post Concussive Syndrome, he takes care of me so well.The rest I still have no knowledge
of . Things are not always what they seem. :)

As matters turned out, he had been fed the
Wrong conclusion, by the first dentist's
Assistant. I straightened it out with the correct facts. We are ,^^^"friends" again. D.W.

Lindsey Wostmann
Lindsey Wostmann

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

They have the most amazing and patient people working at the office. The work with any fear or worry you have. I will never go any where else... they are wonderful! Thank ya'll SO much!!!!

Michelle Shirk
Michelle Shirk

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

The White Family team is amazing! Not only are they at the top of their field, they also treat you like part of their family. Their attention to detail is like no other, and they genuinely care about their clients. I always leave with a smile on my face after my visits.

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