18,000 Smiles and Going Strong

We’re lucky in Lancaster County to live in a culture of hard work and doing right by others. We enjoy friendly neighbors and helpful people in all aspects of our lives. Whether it’s walking into a store, or along a trail while enjoying the beautiful weather; people smile and say hello.

We can enjoy delicious food in a quaint setting, served with a smile. Local service providers are honest and straightforward while providing value for the services and products sold.

We’ve got a strong core of medical and dental services in the area where your overall health is the goal.

Time and time again at White Family Dental, we’re told that we embody the core values of Lancaster County by greeting and treating our patients like family. We’re so grateful to hear such unsolicited comments from happy patients, because we work hard to do what’s right for them every day. And there’s a lot of them. Over the years, we’ve helped to maintain and improve over 18,000 smiles from five different offices in Lancaster County.

Whether it’s a teeth-whitening application that contributes to a noble local charity, or relieving a toothache with a root canal procedure, or a complete mouth rehabilitation utilizing cosmetic dentistry principles; our goal is always the same. We want you to leave with a genuine smile, satisfied that you’ve chosen us to care for an important part of your overall health.

Every day, there’s more smiles that are whiter and healthier because they’ve trusted our care. We’re grateful and we hope that you continue to trust us with the smiles in your family. And while you do so, will you tell others?

One way is to help us and other local small businesses by completing the survey that Lancaster Newspapers is conducting. It’s a quick survey, and it’ll help us continue to help our community. Just click or scan below to reach the survey.

Thank you