We’re So Grateful for Your Trust

Dr. Ed White and White Family Dental was voted best dentist and best dental practice once again in 2017

Lancaster County is known throughout the world as a charming and wholesome place.

For many, the rolling countryside; peppered with old barns over a patchwork of green fields and small towns beckons back to a time where families gathered around the table every night, and where neighbors and strangers alike greeted you with a genuine smile.

Those of us who are blessed to live here know that such a place is not just nostalgia. We know that while we embrace the benefits of modern life, we can still carry on the traditions and the wholesomeness that provides a fulfilling life for our families.

That special nature of Lancaster County is what brought Dr. Ed White to Elizabethtown more than thirty years ago. He flourished here because he holds those values close to his heart. He believes in working hard, with a smile and enjoying every moment of the day. He loves to see how the benefits of modern dental science; delivered with traditional values, can bring out the best in people. Patient and staff alike.

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude.

And so instead, we’ll make you this promise.

His approach to life and to dentistry has been so successful that he now has five locations throughout Lancaster County.

His approach is so genuine, that several of his employees have chosen to stay with him for decades.

His pursuit of excellence in dentistry has been so effective that he now treats children and grandchildren of young patients he first met so long ago.

His vision of the future is to continue to grow so that he can deliver the very best in dental care while science proves more and more every day just how important oral health is to our lives.

And he’ll always be grateful for the trust that you place in him to deliver that care.

Now, in the season of harvest in Lancaster County, we’ve learned once again that you’ve chosen him as the best dentist in Lancaster County.

You’ve also chosen White Family Dental as the best dental practice in Lancaster County.

Two years in a row.

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude. And so instead, we’ll make you this promise.

We will continue to treat you like family. Because you have blessed us with the trust of your health.

We will continue to grow and to learn. Because you and your family deserve the very best care.

Thank you