From the bottom of our hearts

Thank you Lancaster County for voting White Family Dental a favorite dental practice in the readers choice survey of Lancaster Online and Lancaster Newspapers in 2017

Accolades are nice, though we’re not the proud type. We don’t broadcast our achievements for the sake of personal promotion or to proclaim how great we are. When we receive recognition, it’s because we’ve made someone happy. We’ve accomplished a task in our mission of enhancing the quality of our patients’ lives. It’s something that we take great joy in doing every day.

There’s a saying among hunters that goes like this: “It’s not the kill, it’s the thrill of the chase.” Sure, hunters love to put meat on the table, but that’s not the true reward.

The chase is what challenges you to achieve. It’s a test of your skills and ability to learn, adapt and excel in a continuous pursuit of improvement. When you bring home sustenance for your family, it’s icing on the cake; to be able to thrive on something you love to do.

And so it is for us. We’ll joyfully proclaim our accolades; though be assured, it isn’t for the sake of pride or profit. It’s because those accolades give us the opportunity to care for more people.

We’ve seen countless times, the expression of joy on the face of a patient who feels relief from the misery of a toothache, or someone who’s just realized that after years of tolerating a problem, they’ll finally be able to eat their favorite foods again.

And smile without embarrassment.

Do we like to get the public awards? Sure. But the most important awards are the smiles and the thanks that we see every day in the privacy of our practice.

The public accolades merely give us the opportunity to do more, for more.

And so, as always; thank you for allowing us to do what we love every day for more people.

We’ll continue to ask for your support and to spread the word about our care. Our doors are always open for your recommendations to improve.

Thank you so much for being a part of our care and for telling others about us.