Good News is Yours for the Making

If you watch the news lately, there’s plenty of trouble to see. Events around the world and here in America can lead one to wonder what kind of world our children will inherit. Yet we all have the power to make a change for the better. And it doesn’t take a great sacrifice.

Here in Lancaster County, we have a tradition of family values, community service and support for those in need. Our local culture is a reason many of us chose Central Pennsylvania as the place to raise our families. As a result, the region continues to flourish in a turbulent world.

Many of us find ways to volunteer and help our community. Some of us have more time to contribute than others. Some of us are juggling so many priorities that it’s hard to find a way to give back.

When we do, it feels good to contribute, and we know that our efforts are but a drop in the ocean. A valuable contribution among many that certainly have an impact in some way.

But every once-in-a-while, life throws us a curve ball. We stumble upon something that lets us make a difference that is more concrete. We’re given an opportunity that will pay dividends to society for decades to come. We have a chance to make news in a good way.

That time is now, but the window on the opportunity is closing.

Here at White Family Dental, we’ve been running our Smiles for Life Campaign, where you can have a professional teeth-whitening procedure done and all the proceeds benefit the Power Packs Project.

There are countless charities that do a lot of good and are very worthy of your time and money. The Smiles for Life Campaign is unique in two ways.

First-you get full value from your investment in the form of a teeth whitening procedure that you’ll appreciate every day. And all the money from it goes to the charity. That’s something to make you smile a little brighter.

Second-the charity is more than a give-away. You see, the Power Packs Project is at its core, an educational endeavor that strengthens the bond and the health of young families who truly need the assistance.

The parents are taught accountability and the skills to make them better parents. They learn how to prepare nutritious food, how to budget and how to shop smart. They’re given the tools to nourish the life of their family.

The result is well-fed young boys and girls who grow up to continue the tradition of family values that makes this such a good place for us to live.

And it’s all within your power to fuel the good news that will continue to come from Lancaster County.

Hurry—the Smiles for Life Campaign ends this month. Call today. Make news for years to come.