Don’t Try a New Years Resolution for Your Teeth


Please Do Not Attempt a New Years Resolution for Your Teeth

Yes, you read that right.

Don’t do it.

Why would your dentist advise you to NOT do so?

Because less than ten percent of people keep their resolutions. Instead, let’s try something else. A sensible approach to creating good habits.

It seems that the reason so many well-intentioned resolutions and other attempts at change fail is because we either try to change too drastically, or we build a mental block of sorts that make some really easy things seem like a monumental challenge. Or both. Together or alone, they are recipes for failure.

Now that the Holidays are behind us, the tree is packed away (for most of us) and we’ve got a few weeks to enjoy the slower pace of winter; why not use the time to make just a minor tweak in our daily routine?

It’s easy, here’s how:

Set an alarm on your phone for bedtime. Make it for Sunday through Thursday, about a half hour earlier than you’ve been going to bed. When it goes off, brush your teeth and floss—preferably with a water-flosser. You can find a deal online, or stop by our office and pick one up. The price is about the same, though Amazon’s cardboard smile isn’t nearly as warm as ours.

Be sure to brush for three full minutes—tell Alexa to play a favorite song, then brush till it’s over. Make sure you reach all the way in the back and don’t forget cheeks & tongue. When you floss, go slowly and methodically. Don’t forget a good mouthwash.

Now, you’ve got more than twenty minutes to unwind without the TV. Take the time to read or to write down your thoughts for the day. If you must think about tomorrow, do so only long enough to write a few notes to get the ideas out of your mind. Doing this will clear your head while you enjoy the quiet time without bright screens or sounds that invigorate your senses. This routine will lead to better sleep. And better oral health.

Sounds like two really good benefits from one simple change.

Now, pick up your phone and set a new alarm. You can do it.