If You’re Happy and You Know It…

Show your smile!

Wait,,,that’s not how the song goes!

But I know you finished the first line, didn’t you?

Sure you did; the song was imprinted in our minds as children because it speaks to a natural practice for a good life. When things are good, we should make the effort to keep it that way and to spread that goodness to others. It’s important to do throughout our life because happiness is contagious, and it’s a contributor to good health. It’s also a key ingredient to success.Libby and Nancy at White Family Dental in Elizabethtown

That’s why you see our ads and our social media posts. Sure, we’re a business and businesses need to advertise to survive. But it’s so much more than that.

You see, our slogan is true. We are people you know-people who live close by and who make the effort to know you personally as our relationships grow.

We are people who care-we really love the work we do because we have fun while providing a valuable personal benefit to you—our patients and hopefully, our friends.

Our work truly makes us happy.

Becki, Angie, Rose, and Georgiann have a combined 96 years of caring for patients at White Family Dental. The team of White Family Dental in Willow Street







In the dental profession of Central Pennsylvania, there are three segments of providers.

The first is the corporate dentist; the nationwide chains who’ve moved in over the last few years. They do a fine job. They’re connected to all the insurance companies, and their facilities & equipment is the best that money can buy. You may even see the same dentist or hygienist from one visit to the next.

Dr. Leslie O'Dowd of White Family Dental in Elizabethtown

The second is the local private dentist. The guy or gal-and maybe their son or daughter- you grew up with who knows you and your siblings. When you take your Mom in to see him, they may reminisce about when you were a kid. They, too do a good job with the resources they have available. Because they know you.

The third is a rare find in Central Pennsylvania. It’s the local private dentist who’s grown his practice to five locations because, for thirty years; he’s cared enough to show it every single day.


Dr' Ed White has built a team of local dentists and hygienists who truly care.

“The third is a rare find in Central Pennsylvania”

Just like other local private dentists, he’s now treating kids and grandkids of kids he treated when he first began in Elizabethtown. He’s got employees that have been with him from the very start. He’s even got an employee who as a patient, expressed a desire to become a dental hygienist, and he hired her on the spot so she could achieve her dream.

But he’s also worked hard to stay on top of the latest procedures and scientific breakthroughs. Some of his closest friends  are among the most prominent dentists in the country, who care for clients like celebrities and country music stars; people whose image is critical to their success.

With a shared mission, he’s invested in the people, the education, the facilities and the equipment needed for you to receive the very best care. And he’s shown it to others so they can do well by his side. The result is a truly local team of dentists who know you and your family, and has the resources to provide the latest in comfort, care, convenience and quality across five locations in Lancaster County.

Terri and Sue of White Family Dental in New HollandRachel of White Family Dental in Manheim


At White Family Dental, we actually practice happiness-we make a point as staff members to treat each other with care and kindness. It’s a critical part of making your experience one that feels like home.



And so is our marketing effort. We’re happy and we know it so we clap our hands–digitally speaking. That way we can add to the 18,000 smiles we’ve helped over the years.

“Will You Clap Your Hands for Us?”

We’d like you to clap your hands–digitally speaking—for us, too. By spreading the word, we can help more patients overcome anxiety, eliminate pain, sleep better, improve their smile, and have a healthier, happier life. We will always give back to the community and invite you to be a part of it.

How can you help us? That’s easy—and you’ll be helping other small business folks along the way. It doesn’t take long at all.

DR. Karen Otto-Sullivan of White Family Dental in Elizabethtown


There are two surveys occurring between now and June 2, for local favorites in many categories. We’d love for you to vote for us as best dentist in Lancaster County. So, we ask that if you’re happy, let them know it.

Just like in the song; if you’re happy with us, your face will surely show it. Why not spread the joy?

We sure would appreciate your votes.

Below is the link to the first one..For this first one; Lancaster County Magazine, keep in mind that you must vote for at least 50 entries. That’s how you can help other small businesses like your favorite restaurants. If you need some references, you’ll be able to find last year’s winners.

Please vote for us in 2 categories-White Family Dental for Best Dental Practice, as well as your fave among our group. With your help, we’ll keep growing. And giving back.

Thank you.


So—did we get you with the song? Is it tumbling around in your mind? Let us know, but first—please vote!

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