TMD Treatment

Many Americans suffer from a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ disorder or TMD. Without proper treatment, TMD symptoms can be distracting and painful, and can even hinder you from living a normal life.

If you are experiencing frequent jaw pain or headaches, it’s important to see a dentist who is experienced in treating the TMJ. You can visit White Family Dental to see knowledgeable professionals who care about you. We can offer a proper diagnosis to relieve your pain and improve your life. If you have been looking for a solution to daily headaches, come to White Family Dental.

Our team of dentists understands TMJ disorders deeply. They offer multiple solutions to alleviate your pain and correct your TMD long-term.

What is TMD?

TMJ disorder, or TMD, is a condition that involves the temporomandibular joints. These joints lie on either side of the skull, attaching the temporal bone to the lower jaw bone.

TMD stems from complications in the tissues, muscles, or ligaments in the area It may be caused by grinding or clenching, inflammatory diseases, or a poor bite.

Symptoms of TMD

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw stiffness and discomfort
  • Clicking or popping jaw
  • Teeth grinding
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Pain in the face and neck

If you recognize any of these symptoms, contact us today for a TMD analysis. Our dentists are trained to recognize TMD and will be able to know whether or not this is the source of your troubles.

TMJ Treatment

If TMD is the cause of your symptoms, your diagnosis should come as somewhat of a relief. TMJ treatment is simple and straightforward and does not involve a lifetime of taking medications.

When your jaw joint isn’t working properly, the muscles are working overtime to compensate. The teeth clench together and grind unevenly. Over time, both the muscles and the teeth get worn out.

Doctors White and Otto-Sullivan can help your muscles relax with a TMJ splint. A splint or night guard will keep your teeth apart and give your muscles a rest. It promotes a better bite and improves your jaw functionality.

Other TMD treatment options include improving the bite with restorations, massage, and exercise. To find out what’s going to work for you, give us a call at White Family Dental today.