“I was really ‘WOW’ed…”

Kristen had been to five or six dentists over the last couple years. Here’s what she found with us.

“I feel like I belong here.” 

Nora Jean has been with us for a long time. She’ll tell you how we care for our patients over the years.

“They’re constantly checking to make sure you’re comfortable.”

Bruce explains what’s different about how you’re treated at White Family Dental.

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Dan & Diana
“What a wonderful caring and efficient team. We received the very best of dental care in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you for showing us that you love what you do and strive to give the very best of care. Thank you Dr. White and team members for the wonderful care we received.”
“Dr White was the first dentist I’ve ever liked going to. His office and everyone there is welcoming, gracious, and just plain nice! They do all they can to make sure I am comfortable and satisfied.”
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with a great team and top notch doctors for the past 10+ years. I would highly recommend our office to anyone who wants a great experience, thorough care, and compassionate team members!!!”
“Thank you for taking such excellent care of my Father. You are more than amazing!!”