Smiles Across the County

 Power Packs Project teaches parents how to budget and properly prepare meals so their children learn grow and thrive.

A Teen with Everything to Smile About

It’s a bit cool on this Sunday morning in May. The sky is gray and the weather forecast is gloomy. But the mood is bright in two Lancaster County homes.

Courtney checks herself in the mirror before heading off to church with her family. Prom is over, and it was so much fun. Graduation is right around the corner! She smiles to her reflection, adoring her bright white teeth. They’re  perfect!

Mom pokes her head into Courtney’s bedroom.

“Ready, kiddo?”


“Love your new smile, Sweetie!”

“Me too!”

“Ok. Let’s go.”

Wendy’s so proud of Courtney. She’ll be graduating soon, and thankfully staying close; going to Elizabethtown College in the fall. It’s gonna be a busy summer with graduation and the celebrations that go with it. Teenage girls are expensive at this age, with prom dresses and shoes and senior week. But it’s well worth it. She’s ready for the next stage of her life now.

All of the dental stuff is done now for Courtney. A year of Invisalign capped off with teeth whitening that had a little bonus. Along the way, Courtney even found a rewarding volunteer activity that’s good for her soul.

Smiles and a Hug

A few miles away in Lancaster, a young family rushes into the house from early Mass.

“French Toast, Mom!!!”

“Okay, okay! Go get changed and clean your bedroom. Both of you.” Maria can’t help but smile. Life is so much better this Springtime. It feels like her family is getting closer. Like she’s a better mom and wife. Married life isn’t so filled with worry. Her and William seem to have grown closer as they spend time planning their life instead of being swept up by it. It’s made the kids happier too, and they’re doing better in school.

As William opens the fridge to help with breakfast, she stops him and takes a long hug.

Smiles for Life

There’s a connection between the two families, even though they don’t know each other. Life is a little brighter for Courtney and Wendy, and that benefited Maria and her family.

Why is this story on the website of White Family Dental?

Because Wendy took Courtney to get her teeth whitened during the Smiles for Life campaign at White Family Dental. They were both greeted by name and had a laugh with Nancy at the front desk. Wendy decided at the last minute to have her teeth whitened, too. Every penny of the small investment in Courtney’s pride and Wendy’s smile went directly to the Power Packs Project and those funds were invested in Maria and her family.

It was more than a donation of food for kids in need. It was an investment in education for Maria and William. Not only do they receive wholesome ingredients to feed their family over the weekend; they’re taught how to start and keep a budget for the family, how to properly prepare and store wholesome meals. How to work together as a family for a better life.

That’s the mission of the Power Packs Project. That’s the goal of the Smiles for Life Campaign at White Family Dental. That’s a glimpse of what can happen for your family and another simply by scheduling a Teeth Whitening procedure between now and the end of June at any one of the locations of White Family Dental. All proceeds from the procedure go to help hungry children in need of wholesome meals.

Teeth Whitening is a small investment in your family that benefits another. Improve your smile, and you’ll generate many more. Even some that you may never see.

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