Whiten Your Smile & Help a Child

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The staff at White Family Dental is committed to helping our community. Since 1998, we’ve raised about $400,00.00 to help children’s charities through the Smiles for Life Campaign. We do so locally as a part of the Power Packs Project. It’s a wonderful program that builds life skills while filling hungry bellies. With your help, we can continue to feed children and educate parents.

Three girls who benefit from the Powerpacks project.

Many children in Lancaster County are well fed during the school week, thanks to school breakfast and lunch programs. But they go hungry on weekends. Teachers see that these children don’t perform as well at school because of it. But there’s more to the program than a meal.

Power Packs is Not a Handout. It’s an Educational Program

The Power Packs Project fills this need in a way that does more than simply giving food. It’s a wonderful program that provides nutritiously valuable food along with recipes and instructions on how to prepare it. The program teaches parents how to budget for meals, too. This way, parents learn important skills that many of us take for granted while creating bonding time that’s so critical to family and character development. The adults improve their parenting skills while the kids learn by example. All of us benefit when the community has healthy families.

Save on Teeth Whitening and Help a Child

You can do your part to help while saving money when you improve your smile. From March through June, 2017 come to any one of our locations for a discount on a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure. You’ll save $125.00 and the proceeds from each procedure benefits the Power Packs Project.

Many children in Lancaster County spend their weekends wishing for a good meal. Many parents haven’t developed the skills needed to provide wholesome meals for their family.

Come and see us for a teeth whitening. You won’t be the only one who smiles more.