Protecting Your Elizabethtown Athlete’s Teeth

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Protecting Your Elizabethtown Athlete's Teeth

If your child participates in a contact sport in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and does not currently wear a tooth protection device, you may want to purchase an appropriately-sized mouth guard. They are available at most Hershey and Manheim athletic supply stores. Some dentists make custom athletic mouthguards that offer even better protection than the one-size fits all varieties.

Do You Love Your Smile?

At White Family Dental, Ed White DDS provides the state-of-the-art procedures that deliver dazzling, flawless teeth for our cosmetic dentistry clients.

Local Dentistry

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Elizabethtown Local Family Dentistry

White Family Dental specializes in local dentistry to provide that special, local dental care to our Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania dental patients. White Family Dental provides local dentistry to the city of Elizabethtown in the state of Pennsylvania. We also provide local dentistry services to our neighboring areas including Hershey and Manheim. One of our most popular […]