Are Childhood Cavities Inevitable?

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child friendly dentist Leola

What about healthy oral habits? Do our children see us brush carefully after meals? Do our children find water bottles in our car cup holders or empty sports drink cans? Do we schedule twice-yearly dental visits for ourselves and our kids? Do we wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports? Do we floss every night?

Treating Canker Sores, Lesions, and Fever Blisters

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White Family Dental Treats Cankers Sores Lesions and Fever Blisters

Another common complaint is fever blisters or cold sores, which are contagious, fluid-filled blisters. Leola cold sore sufferers should be aware that they can become infected. At White Family Dental, we advise our patients on how to treat cold sores and avoid further breakouts.