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Edward E. White, Jr., DDS

Dr. Ed has built a loyal following of patients and staff by practicing the Golden Rule for more than thirty years in Elizabethtown. This approach has been so widely accepted that patients from well beyond Central Pennsylvania travel to his offices in Elizabethtown, Manheim, New Holland and Willow Street. Dr. White’s practice at Masonic Village provides elderly dental care as well.

When you come to White Family Dental; whichever Lancaster County practice that you visit, you’ll be welcomed with smiles and treated in a way that puts you at ease. Dr. Ed nurtures that environment in all that he does; from counseling a first-time patient to promoting charitable activities that help our community.

He understands that dental health is important for our quality of life, and it’s a very personal matter. Not only does it effect our appearance, our self-esteem and our everyday life, but study after study indicates that dental health has a direct impact on our overall heath. Dr. White is genuinely interested in giving you the very best care at a level and a pace that makes you most comfortable.

Dr. Ed White, DDS with a patient.

From the beginning, you’ll see that he is focused on assuring your comfort throughout the process. He and his staff are highly skilled at all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Whether you visit for a toothache, a new dental implant, teeth whitening or Invisalign clear braces; Dr. White will proceed with caution so that your experience is pain and worry free.

If you’ve neglected your oral health, or if you have a family in need of a caring dentist, Dr. White is the one to call in Lancaster County. He’ll present you with options that make oral health the top priority while being sensitive to all of your concerns. Then he’ll proceed with a plan that you decide is best. There’s no pressure or judgement at White Family Dental. Just a caring approach that wants to see you achieve a healthy smile.

Dr. White is originally from the Pittsburgh area. He is a first generation college graduate. His dad was a mechanic, and his mom & grandparents were exceptionally caring people. They were ‘givers’ and those early influences are what has formed his approach to dentistry. Working with his hands comes natural to him, and he is in tune with the concerns of patients and staff alike. For him, it’s one of life’s great joys to have a positive influence on changing the lives of others.

His path in leading-edge dentistry began as a kid in high school when he got to know a dentist. He soon realized the crossroads that dentistry presents when it comes to working with your hands and caring for others. He attended West Virginia University, where he graduated cum laude and continued his education with a National Public Health Scholarship at the West Virginia University School of Dentistry. He still returns to his alma mater as a guest lecturer.

Logo for West Virginia University
Logo for West Virginia School of Dentistry

The science of dentistry is an ever-evolving discipline, and so Dr. White believes strongly in continued education and alliance with other leaders in the profession. He is a regular participant in the prestigious Pankey Institute for Continuing Education, The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum—“PAC Live”, and the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry Cosmetic Continuum.

Logo for the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum
Logo for the Pankey Institute
Logo for Louisiana State University Continuing Dental Education

This continuing education has given Dr. Ed the knowledge and expertise to provide state of the art dental care in the discplines of cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges and Invisalign. Root canals and snoring & sleep apnea treatments have improved greatly over the years. Whenever there is a new development in care, Dr. White is among the very first to improve your comfort.

A Dentist Who Cares

Dr. White is a member of:

Member of the American Dental Association
Logo for Academy of General Dentistry
Logo for the American College of Dentists
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Logo for the Crown Council
Logo for Pennsylvania Dental Association
Logo for Lancaster Dental Society

Lancaster County Roots

More than thirty years ago, Dr. Ed settled on Elizabethtown to build his life because the area is consistent with the values he was taught as a child. Central Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to raise a family; people are warm and genuine. He appreciates the ethics of hard work, trust and family values. He tries to live up to those standards every day.

A Dentist with a Genuine Passion for Community Service

Dr. White’s passion for life extends well beyond education for the advancement of his profession. He knows that he has been Blessed and is an eager benefactor to our community. He’s been recognized nationally and locally for his leadership skills and his dedication to community service.

He is a recipient of the Vincent O’Connor Service Award for Community Service in Elizabethtown.

Logo for Smiles for Life

White Family Dental is a proud sponsor of Power Packs Project and Smiles for Life.

When you visit, you may also be helping those in need during one of our many charitable campaigns throughout the year. Dr. Ed strives to make each year’s campaign better than the last.

He’s a trustee at Elizabethtown College, a member of both the Elizabethtown Economic Development Board and the Elizabethtown Rotary International. In May 2009, Dr. White was awarded a Fellowship in the American College of Dentists for service to organized dentistry and to the Elizabethtown Community.

Logo for Elizabethtown College
Logo for Harrisburg Area Community College.
Logo for Rotary International

Dr. White has served as a delegate to the Pennsylvania Dental Association, President of the 5th District Dental Society and as a board member of the Lancaster County Dental Society. He currently serves as the President of the Board of Governors of the West Virginia University Dental School and was previously on the Harrisburg Area Community College Hygiene School board.

Nationally, Dr. White and his team have been awarded numerous practice management and leadership awards from the prestigious Crown Council.

A Professional Among the Very Best in Cosmetic Dentistry

He shares a bond of mutual admiration and professional excellence with some of the nation’s most prominent cosmetic dentists. Among his trusted friends and colleagues, you’ll find:

Logo for Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.
Logo for Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry
Logo for William Dorfman DDS in Los Angeles, Ca.
Logo for Jeff Gray DDS Smiles San Diego, CA.
Logo for Harris Dental in Phoenix, AZ.
Logo for New Horizons Dental Care in Salina, KS.

Dr. White is committed to providing Central Pennsylvania with the world-class level of excellence that his friends across the country provide to celebrities and ordinary citizens alike.

He’s proud to have the finest dentists in Lancaster County working with him to care for families in Central Pennsylvania:

Dr. Karen Otto-Sullivan, DMD of White Family Dental in Elizabethtown, Pa

Dr. Karen Otto-Sullivan, DMD

Dr. Caleb S. Beam, DDS of White Family Dental in Elizabethtown, Pa.

Dr. Caleb S. Beam, DDS

Dr. Megan R. Beam, DDS of White Family Dental in Elizabethtown, Pa.

Dr. Megan R. Beam, DDS

Christin R. Buehler, DDS White Family Dental in New Holl

Dr. Christin R. Buehler, DDS

Dr. Fred Teschner of White Family Dental in Willow Street, Pa.

Dr. Fred Teschner

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White Family Dental
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4.8 out of 5 stars


1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I had a great experience until I told my dentist that I have a chronic pain condition and that I take pain pills. I'd had several serious issues with my teeth and read research showing a link between my condition and tooth decay.
I went there one more time for, I think, the third root canal I'd had in just a month or two. It took two hours and typically they try not to do more than an hour at a time. At the end, he told me he wouldn't be giving me pain meds. Every other time, they had. When he stepped out of the room, the dental assistant looked at me horrified and told me that I needed to tell him to give me some and she was completely shocked that he wasn't going to give me any after a two hour root canal. But he refused and said call if I really need them.
I was talking Tramadol for my Endometriosis, but it is not strong enough to deal with tooth pain. At that time, it had been nearly two years since I'd actually gone out to have fun as I'd been bedridden from my pain. It just so happened the day after my procedure, my husband and I had bought comedy show tickets and I desperately wanted to go. So I called and asked for a few pain pills because my tooth really started hurting the next morning. They agreed.
However, when I picked them up, the receptionist informed me that, "this is not a pharmacy" and they will no longer give me pain meds regardless of what procedure they perform. I was mortified as the whole waiting room listened... I just walked out and cried in my car. I'd never experienced that level of discrimination before.
A few days later I got a phone call from them. Suddenly, my pre-arranged monthly payments were no longer sufficient and I had to pay my balance in full before I could return. I'd just had Step 1 of the 2 Step crown procedure and asked if I could please just come in for that last appointment since I had just paid to do the first part. Nope, the second step wasn't immediately necessary so I could wait until my balance was paid.
I know this is a long review, but I'm hoping others who struggle with chronic pain will read this and know to go elsewhere. Hopefully others will feel the same way too. Discrimination of any type is not acceptable, especially in the medical /dental community. I was taking Tramadol, which is a step or two above Aleve- not near strong enough to help with tooth pain. I wish they would have gotten to know me first. They would likely be surprised to know I have my Masters in psychology, refused pain meds for the first three years of my chronic pain, and only wanted 5 pills max, just enough for a day or two and so I could go on a date with my husband for the first time in two years. Also, I really don't think anyone would pay for and go through a root canal for five vicodin or percocet. I've actually worked with addicts before I got ill and to be honest, feigning a need for a root canal would be counterproductive to the addict's need for the "no feeling" high. I'm so disappointed in them, as a person, patient, and therapist.
*I'm pretty sure Dr. White told the billing lady to call me and tell me that my payments were no longer acceptable. I believe he has been fully aware of what happened.
I am not contacting "you". This review was provided to help other people with illnesses or disabilities make an informed decision. No one with an incurable disease should have to face such immature and unethical behavior when seeking care.

Dyanne Wagner
Dyanne Wagner

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Nice, people, Dr White very nice dr. I received
A call, saying after he n another dr discussed,
I was not a GOOD fit! To get a tooth pulled?
No explanation, except, my health history.
I was not encouraged, to say the least.
People, it is your decision, whether or not to
Pull ur tooth. Sometimes it does come down to money, $3,000 may glibly fly from some folk's repertoire, but for us not able to get able dental insurance, with our health plans,
Its a tossup. D.W.

Smiles n happy, peppy people, yes by all means , DO contribute to a positive dental
experience! I couldn't agree more. :)
Honestly, folks, I so wish those lovely qualities
could translate into cash. But reality, being
What it is, prevented my first plan , to save my tooth, then crown it. I just could not bear to
see my retired husband have to work so hard,
to pay for it. With a broken knee, I also have Post Concussive Syndrome, he takes care of me so well.The rest I still have no knowledge
of . Things are not always what they seem. :)

As matters turned out, he had been fed the
Wrong conclusion, by the first dentist's
Assistant. I straightened it out with the correct facts. We are ,^^^"friends" again. D.W.

Lindsey Wostmann
Lindsey Wostmann

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

They have the most amazing and patient people working at the office. The work with any fear or worry you have. I will never go any where else... they are wonderful! Thank ya'll SO much!!!!

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